Old Head Golf Links, Kinsale Ireland

Old Head Golf Links, Kinsale Ireland Highlights

“From the eons of time, spectacular beyond belief.” So says the club at Old Head Golf Links located nearly at Ireland’s most southern point. These grandiose words somehow still do not do justice to the setting that awaits on the Old Head of Kinsale. We stand and applaud in amazement that they succeeded in building the astonishing Old Head Golf Links on a site that is certainly unequaled anywhere in the world. Jutting its way 5 miles from the Ireland coast out into the Atlantic, Old Head Golf Links is one of the handful of courses in the world that must be played once in a lifetime simply because of its incomparable setting. The 8 clifftop holes at Old Head play higher above the sea than any other golf course on Earth. The club strictly forbids chasing balls over hazard lines, and wisely so as a fall would mean certain death! Clients visiting Old Head Golf Links in Ireland are treated with exceptional service, starting the moment they arrive. A great welcome in the clubhouse greets them, their starting times are nicely spaced so groups do not push one another, terrific caddies guide them around the Old Head layout, and outstanding cuisine awaits them after the round. The lovely harbor town of Kinsale is also known for its gastronomic pursuits, and is self-proclaimed as the “gourmet capital” of Ireland! Any group would enjoy a night or two in town. Perhaps better yet, stay right there at Old Head Golf Links in the 5-star sea view suites in the clubhouse! For something especially memorable, consider coming in by helicopter, and enjoy golf’s most astounding view as you approach the Old Head!

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