Adare Golf Club, Adare Ireland

Adare Golf Club, Adare Ireland Highlights

Legendary architect Tom Fazio has transformed Adare Manor from merely a fantastic golf course into one that will soon be in the discussion for the greatest courses in the entire world, now that it has been announced as the venue for the 2026 Ryder Cup and will surely be visited by many of the most discerning golf travelers in upcoming years.  The course must simply be seen to be believed. Adare Manor is so incredibly conditioned that comparisons to Augusta are inevitable.  Hardly a blade of grass is out of place.  The greens and fairways are perfect.  There are seemingly as many greenskeepers working on one hole as you will find on many entire golf courses!  The driving range is so stunning that it deserves its own green fee.  And the finish at Adare Manor is so spectacularly suited for the Ryder Cup that surely there is no better setup for golf’s most exciting event!  16 is a drivable par 4 alongside the River Maigue with the green perched hard against the river, green sloping towards it, with a sharp edge and a steep drop to the water.  Any shot that hits the slope will result in the ball making a slow trickle agonizingly towards the wall before falling straight down into the river, pure torture for the unfortunate player who played it.   The 17th is a magnificent par-3 designed like the 12th at Augusta making for tricky club selection in just the slightest breeze.  The meticulous manicuring itself is enough to make you think you are back in Georgia. 18 is one of the world’s finest finishing holes, a reachable par 5 with the green across the River Maigue at roughly a 45-degree angle from the fairway, hard against the river’s stone-wall edge.  If you don’t carry it far enough onto the green, another tortuous experience awaits as you watch the ball slowly trickle back towards the wall and then fall to the depths. The resort itself is so special that a new category must be created for it, because it so far exceeds “5-star”.  We would rate it at least 7-stars.  You will never stay in a finer property!

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