The Golf House Club, Elie Scotland

The Golf House Club, Elie Scotland Highlights

Golf’s only submarine periscope is found at the quaint and charming Golf House Club in lovely Elie on the south Fife coast. The Golf House Club, Elie is one of Scotland’s most classic clubs, with a wonderful, traditional links on the sea. From the moment you arrive at The Golf House Club, Elie’s attractive and inviting clubhouse (i.e. the “Golf House,” for which the club is named) you know you are in for a real treat. The main entrance to the Golf House Club at Elie opens directly into the locker room, with lockers immediately on both sides of the hall. Next to the first tee at Elie is the distinctive periscope, dubbed “Excalibur,” which the starter uses to see over the hill in front of you so he will know when it is safe to let you play. The Golf House Club, Elie links is one of the most enjoyable in Scotland. But, you may not finish if you drop your clubs and head to the Golf Tavern off of the 4th fairway of the Golf House Club Elie, with its warm fire and delicious ale! You will want to get to the 19th though, the terrific Smoke Room just off to the right once you enter the attractive Golf House, one of the best rooms of its type in Scotland with its collection of classic club memorabilia. On the way to the 19th hole at the Golf House Club, Elie are some of the most scenic and fun golf holes you will ever play, such as the short par-4 10th, completely blind, easily driveable but perhaps too much so, as it is common to overclub and end up in the sea behind the green! The Golf House Club, Elie is simply special, an integral and essential component of the Fife experience. Hidden Links highly recommends including the “hidden links” on your Scotland golf tour and you could hardly do beter in this regard than the Golf House Club, Elie.

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