The High and Low Roads – Dornoch to St. Andrews


In links golf, it can be said that some take the high road, and some take the low road (we’re talking ball flight here!). The same can be said for most golf travelers to Scotland. People generally take one of two “roads”. On their first trip, they take the “low road” from Ayrshire to St. Andrews, and when they come back, they take the “high road” from Dornoch to Cruden Bay. Both are spectacular tours! But, taking the best of both The High and Low Roads (TM) is an attractive option overlooked by most. Far too visitors make it a priority to spend a couple of days at Royal Dornoch in the Highlands, though to many it is the finest course in all of Scotland. This tour takes you to there first, before taking you “home” to St. Andrews. We recommend it for everyone!

Tour Agenda

Day 1: Arrive in Inverness and travel to Dornoch. Play Brora.

Day 2: Play Royal Dornoch.

Day 3: Play Royal Dornoch a second time.

Day 4: Travel to St. Andrews and play the New or Jubilee Course.

Day 5: Play Carnoustie.

Day 6: Play The Old Course at St. Andrews.

Day 7: Play Kingsbarns.

Day 8: Depart Edinburgh. Call Hidden Links (R) upon return to start planning your next tour!

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