Glen Golf Club, East Lothian Scotland

Glen Golf Club, East Lothian Scotland Highlights

Those with an eye for great golf scenery will remember a long-ago Lexus commercial where a Scottish golfer on a classic Scotland blustery day challenges an amazing-looking hole, downhill across a chasm and a distant beach with a familiar looking rocky outpost in the sea beyond, complete with a perfect lighthouse on one side. Many at the time saw that particular commercial and wondered what the name of that golf course was, and how could such an amazing hole be so unfamiliar? Well, the answer to that question is a course that the locals call “North Berwick East” but more properly known as the Glen Golf Club and the hole in question is not really a hole at all! Rather, that Scottish golfer on that perfectly inclement Scotland day was hitting from the 14th fairway backwards towards the 13th green! Played the correct way though, the 13th at Glen Golf Club (aptly called the “Sea Hole”) is the signature hole at Glen Golf Club. The Glen Golf Club’s 13th is a blind par 3 of less than 150 yards to a green guarded on three sides by the beach and the rocks. Speaking of rocks, that rock in the Lexus commercial background at Glen Golf Club is the same famous Bass Rock that overlooks North Berwick’s more famous West Links. Bass Rock is situated even closer to Glen Golf Club however and in fact the 12th hole at Glen Golf Club is named “Bass Rock” as it plays directly towards it. Glen Golf Club is a great combination of golf where the locals play, golf with the best Scottish scenery, golf with a bit of linksland and a bit of a cliff top feel, Glen Golf Club is a great one to include on your schedule!

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