The European Club, Brittas Bay Ireland

The European Club, Brittas Bay Ireland Highlights

The European Club at Brittas Bay, located in County Wicklow south of Dublin, is surely the most underrated golf course in Ireland if not the entire British Isles. For The European Club occupies a site that has it all for golfers–sea, dunes, mountains, and beautiful countryside, with nothing to spoil the views. From 1st tee to 18th green, from a pure shot value standpoint, we would even argue The European Club is perhaps the finest golf layout in the entire British Isles. Owned, designed, and built by the great Pat Ruddy, and run by his two sons, we walked off of the golf course that first day thinking it was the best we had ever played, a phrase we do not throw around lightly! The European Club property was so great for golf, Pat had to build two extra holes, #7A and #12A, because the terrain was just too perfect. Rumor has it that Pat once turned down 25 Million Euro for the course, probably because he has not yet finished tweaking his masterpiece! Knowing Pat though, he probably never will, instead he will just keep on making The European Club better and better. And what a sense of humor he has! No other course in the world saves the largest box on their scorecard for “What I Should Have Shot!” The very best part about visiting The European Club is the welcome you receive. It is that rarest of welcomes, more than sincere, not because they are happy to see your money (although they certainly don’t mind it!), but because the Ruddy family are genuinely glad to share their course with you. They don’t need to have the starting sheet full every day, in fact they love it if they ever get a free afternoon when they can have The European Club to themselves. But if you visit The European Club, you are treated as part of the family. What more can possibly be said and what more could you want on your Ireland golf vacation!

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