18 Reasons to Choose Hidden Links

18 Reasons to choose Hidden Links ® for your next golf vacation package!

Reason #1PASSION.  We love everything about our destinations, from the incredible golf courses to the amazing scenery and can’t say enough about the wonderful people looking after our clients along the way…not to mention we know all the best pubs!!!! We truly enjoy putting together the perfect golf package for your group!

Reason #2EXPERIENCE.  Hidden Links ® was founded in 2001 and we are one of the handful of most experienced golf tour operators in the business!  We have references numbering in the tens of thousands!  We have chosen golf course and accommodation partners based on our own travels to these destinations!  Together our top management have been in the golf tour business for more than 50 years, doing nothing else on the side!

Reason #3VALUE FOR MONEY.  We recognize that though what we do is extremely important to those that want the best golf tour package vacation experience possible, it does not quite reach the level of major surgery or rocket science!  Our trips are priced accordingly, where it’s worth it for you to let us handle everything and at the same time we can be sincerely appreciative of the opportunity to do so!

Reason #4LOCAL KNOWLEDGE.  Our company President was born and raised near St. Andrews in Scotland!  Our Managing Director is from the Kingdom of Kerry in amazing southwest Ireland and represented Ireland in international golf competition!  And also once shot 66 in competition on the Old Course at St. Andrews!  Our Founder and CEO first played the Old Course at St. Andrews in 1982 at the age of 14 and has played virtually every single course featured on our website (though, he did not play many of them well!).

Reason #5FRIENDLY  We look forward to chatting about the various options and are not in the least inconvenienced by additional requests, wholesale changes, and the like.  This is what we do and we know what it’s like being the group leader with everyone else in the group wanting to incorporate different ideas into your trip!

Reason #6RELIABLE  If you were to ask just about any of our accommodation and golf course partners what we are like to work with, we would hope and anticipate that they would answer that we are the most reliable golf tour operator that they work with, the easiest operator for them to work with, the most enjoyable for them to work with, and the fastest-paying tour operator in the business!  The result of this is that when Hidden Links comes calling for a booking, our suppliers know that it’s a legitimate booking and we can sometimes truly move “heaven and earth” to get tee times and rooms that otherwise could not be obtained!

Reason #7GOOD FAITH  Hidden Links ® will always deal in good faith with you and your group!  We understand that many people find us on “the internet” and we know what doubts that simple fact can instill.  Please rest assured though!  We are here to help and will always say yes when we can to any reasonable request (as well as many unreasonable ones too—because again we are here to help!).  We are CUSTODIANS of your tour money and do not take the responsibility of managing your money lightly.  Our terms and conditions are dictated by the terms and conditions that we deal with in turn and are in most cases not much different than an individual planning their own tour.

Reason #8WE MAKE IT EASY   Especially for the group leader!   Yes, we know you will have questions for us.  But we also know that your fellow group members will have questions for you!  11 other guys each asking the group leader 3 unique questions means 33 additional times that you might have to ask a question about your tour.  But with Hidden Links ®, our Tour Caddie (TM) online Trip Portal puts every detail about your tour online so that your group members don’t have to come to you with questions, they can log in to the Portal themselves and likely find the answer!  And even in those rare situations where they can’t find the answer there, they can come straight to us as we welcome their phone calls and emails as well!

Reason #9TOP VEHICLES AND KNOWLEDGEABLE DRIVERS  Hidden Links ® has long ago identified and established positive working relationships with the best and most reliable transportation companies, with the most entertaining and knowledgeable drivers and state-of-the-art vehicles which they use to great effect transporting our clients around in style.  Booking escorted transportation directly, especially overseas, has its hazards especially because the best companies and drivers to work with, work mainly with people like us whereas the unscrupulous operators prey on people who look to book directly.

Reason #9ONE STOP SHOP  We don’t begrudge anyone who has the knowledge, the time, and the contacts to make all of their own arrangements, especially if they enjoy doing so.  But if “time is money” to you, or you’re not ultra-detail oriented, or both, we believe it’s a “no-brainer” to let Hidden Links ® do all of this for you!

Reason #10CENTRAL POINT OF CONTACT  The “One Stop Shop” aspect of using Hidden Links ® goes farther than just making golf and hotel reservations.  Who coordinates the caddie requests?  Who sets you up with Travel Insurance?  Who keeps everyone in the group on the same page with regards to booking flights?  Who makes sure roommate requests are communicated?  Who tracks “who’s paid” and “who’s still pending?” You would not believe all of the communication that is involved with these trips especially for groups of four and more.  Hidden Links ® handles all of this for you.

Reason #11THE BANK  This is one of the most overlooked reasons to use a quality, reputable golf tour operator like Hidden Links ®.  Ask almost anyone who has organized a large group golf vacation and they will likely tell you that the most difficult and frustrating process of all is “collecting the money!”  You don’t want to go down the road of supplying 7 golf courses and 3 hotels with 16 different credit card numbers and your transportation supplier is not going to want to split their payment 16 different ways.  And it’s likely that you don’t want to front all of that money yourself and then invoice everyone else in the group, hoping that you get repaid in a timely manner.  With Hidden Links ®, everyone just pays their own invoice with us and we handle the payments accordingly.

Reason #12—BEST OF BOTH WORLDS  We are USA-based for the highest level of security in booking your tour, with the finest Irish and Scottish staff managing your tour, making us the best choice for your Scotland and Ireland golf trip for over 15 years!

Reason #13SINCERITY  We are genuinely committed to the success of your tour!  We celebrate every single trip that is trusted to us whether a group of two or a group of twenty or more.  We even assist single golfers frequently who nearly always remark about how much they appreciate being appreciated, because many companies wouldn’t even answer their enquiry yet alone accept their booking!  At Hidden Links ®, we are only as good as the last tour completed and though this means that we might lose a bit of sleep as we make sure every detail is in order, it also means that you don’t have to!

Reason #14—ATTENTION TO DETAIL  Are arrival and departure times coordinated?  Have travel times to and from the courses and hotels been properly accounted and planned for?  Will you have time for a leisurely breakfast and time to clean up before dinner?  Are schedules adjusted to best accommodate early or late tee times which sometimes can’t be avoided?  Will hotels be notified of your estimated arrival times so that you are expected?  With Hidden Links ® the answer to all of these is a resounding YES!

Reason #15FAMILIARITY  Hidden Links ® clients frequently remark that when they tell car rental agents, pro shops, caddymasters, or hotel front desks to look for their bookings under “Hidden Links” it results with a knowing nod, an “of course, perfect!” reply, and an even more special welcome!

Reason #16MISSION  Whether on “this tour” which may not include St. Andrews Old Course, or hopefully a future tour that does, our mission at Hidden Links ® is to make sure that everyone who wants to play the Old Course does so, even when access is not able to be guaranteed either because of availability or budgetary reasons.  It takes a great deal of communication, local knowledge, and the proverbial “ears to the ground”, but nobody works harder to make sure that the only way you won’t play the Old Course is if you don’t try!

Reason #17HONESTY  You can take what Hidden Links ® tells you to the bank even if sometimes we are telling you what you do not want to hear, such as “this course can’t be played on the day you want it” or “that’s not the best week to be in St. Andrews if you want to play the Old Course.”  It is not in our interest to “oversell” you, we want to give you the most accurate information available so that you know just what to expect, even if it means that you end up not traveling because the only week you have available does not work well.

Reason #18PERFECTION  Ok, perfection continues to be elusive.  But the effort to be perfect is there with Hidden Links ® and one thing that we will make sure of is that your reservations are in perfect order!

And the “19th” reason is—we know all the best 19th holes from the Old Course to Old Head, from Jasper to Jamaica, and will guide you there accordingly!!!