Quick Rounds, A Slower Pace – Golf on Prince Edward Island


To say that “life is different” on Canada’s smallest Province, Prince Edward Island, does not do justice to that term.   From the second you set foot on PEI’s signature red soil, whether having crossed the Confederations Bridge from New Brunswick or having arrived via ferry from Caribou in Nova Scotia, all sense of time is lost.  Prince Edward Island rolls back the clock to another age, where life is slower and the days seem longer because there is so much more to simply take in and enjoy.  You won’t need prompting to put away the devices because you will become immersed in this way of life, a way of life that will have you reaching back into the deepest recesses of your memory to “the way it was” so long ago.  The soil on PEI may be red but Prince Edward Island is nothing but green to golfers.  A great place to start is the picture-perfect village of Cavendish which was the literary home of “Anne of Green Gables” and is the gateway to Cavendish National Park, and for decades has also been home to a Stanley Thompson classic that has been restored to its original glory—Green Gables Golf Club.  Just down the main road, across the street from Sandspit, the amusement park you remember from when you were 4 years old, is The Eagles Glenn which is so superb they could hold the Canadian Open on it with no notice.   Cross Anderson’s Creek about half a dozen times as you play its namesake golf course, and round out a perfect PEI day with the quintessential Prince Edward Island dinner experience at New Glasgow Lobster Suppers, which doubles as the backdrop to the back nine at Glasgow Hills.  In the easternmost part of PEI, Brudenell River Golf Course and Dundarave Golf Course both run alongside the shore of the Brudenell River and are part of the Brudenell River Provincial Park, a haven for visitors with its “river beach,” boating options, and horseback riding opportunities.  In between Cavendish National Park and Brudenell River Provincial Park is the golfing highlight of them all, The Links at Crowbush Cove, where you would swear you are in the northern tropics rather than the great north of Canada.  What better way to experience Prince Edward Island than in one of the many upscale cabin resorts on the island where you can spread out, grill out, and just enjoy being out on a beautiful PEI summer evening.  Speaking of evenings, do not go home from PEI without sampling at least one of the many local 9-hole courses, the kind of courses of which there should be hundreds and hundreds more for fun, quick, and inexpensive rounds with friends and family.  Do your golfing batteries need recharged?  Does your life need reinvigorated?  Find yourself on Canada’s Prince Edward Island, a one-of-a-kind golfing experience!

Tour Agenda

Day 1:  Arrive on PEI via car, airplane, or ferry.  Rest of the day to relax.

Day 2:  Play Brudenell River.

Day 3:  Play Dundarave.

Day 4:  Play The Links at Crowbush Cove and transfer to Cavendish.

Day 5:  Play Green Gables.

Day 6:  Play The Eagles Glenn.  Optional afternoon round at Anderson’s Creek.

Day 7:  Play Glasgow Hills.

Day 8:  Depart PEI.  Call Hidden Links (R) upon return to start planning your next tour!

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Or call toll-free (USA/Canada) 1-877-GOLF-067 ext 2 for tour enquiries! 1-678-444-4267 outside North America.