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When we visited the Circolo Golf Venezia (i.e. “Venice Golf Club”) on our trip to Venice, we really didn’t know what to expect!  Was it worth taking half of a day out of our journey, missing out on a few hours of sightseeing in perhaps the world’s most interesting and fascinating city, to sample the local golf?

What we really didn’t expect was to find that Circolo Golf Venezia was the place to be!  We couldn’t imagine a visit to Venice without playing here. Getting to the course is half of the fun.  From our concierge’s desk it was about a 10-step walk to the hotel dock where our “taxi” (which was of course a speed boat) was waiting.  From there it was a 15-minute memorable ride to the island of Lido through the amazing harbor among sights so amazing you can hardly believe your eyes, before the boat pulled up at the club’s dock.

A 3-minute walk from the dock took us to the classic and welcoming clubhouse and then it was off to the first tee.  From this perch high above the fairway, with the saltwater canal crossing in front and the exciting third green down to the right, we had found one of the best first tee views we have encountered.  The course simply does not disappoint. Classic in every way with hints of places like Long Island and the Monterey Peninsula, and complete with very Venetian canals and similar hazards, Circolo Golf Venezia is simply “Venice”!

The most famous hole is the 9th, a blind par-3 that Marco Polo himself would have trouble navigating.  Conjuring up images of places like Prestwick in Scotland, one can hardly hazard a guess where to aim so make sure you note the pin position when heading to the first tee!  The green itself sits by an old ivy-covered ruin and the scene is so perfectly Italian you will want to break out the red wine. Fortunately the clubhouse patio is just a few steps away and you can do just that before heading to the 10th!

If you are a golfer who likes to travel, and play courses that though aren’t necessarily “world top 100” but deliver the essence of their locale, then Circolo Golf Venezia is for you!  A round here doesn’t just enhance your experience in Venice, it completes it.

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Google Map of Circolo Golf Venezia, Str. Vecchia, 1, 30126 Venezia, VE, Italy
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