Ballyliffin Golf Club, Ballyliffin Northern Ireland

Ballyliffin Golf Club, Ballyliffin Northern Ireland Highlights

Ballyliffin Golf Club in Ballyliffin, Ireland (or “Ballyliffen”, depending on from which direction you approach it) is located near the tip of County Donegal’s Inishowen Peninsula, in the Republic of Ireland yet north of Northern Ireland. This remote northern location has earned Ballyliffin Golf Club the nickname of the “Dornoch of Ireland,” and it is home to not one, but two amazing courses. The original course, The Old Links at Ballyliffin Golf Club, was christened as the “most natural golf course in the world” when discovered by Nick Faldo on his first club visit. Although somewhat flattish, the reason you play The Old Links at Ballyliffin is to challenge the fairways, surely the most rippling, even crumpled, in all of golf. There is nary a flat lie to be found, in fact, it can be difficult to find your ball if you’re standing more than a few feet away from it! But as great as Ballyliffin’s Old Links is, the main attraction at Ballyliffin Golf Club is the Glashedy Links, named after the Glashedy Rock just off the coast, a miniature Ailsa Craig not unlike Turnberry’s. Running high above both the sea and the club’s Old Links, the views from Ballyliffin’s Glashedy Links are spectacular, especially the 360° from the par-3 7th tee. Designed by Ireland’s own Pat Ruddy, one of our favorite course architects, Ballyliffin Golf Club Glashedy Links is one of the finest courses in all of Ireland. Ballyliffin is easily included on a Northern Ireland or Northwest Ireland golf trip, either as a day visit from the Antrim Coast, or better yet spend a few days in Ballyliffin and really get to know the people! Once you’ve played the incredible Ballyliffin Golf Club courses, enjoyed the famous Ballyliffin welcome, and decided you never want to leave, you’ll know you’ve been “Ballyliffined!”

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