White Witch Golf Course, Jamaica

White Witch Golf Course, Jamaica Highlights

White Witch Golf Course in Jamaica is just minutes from Montego Bay Airport. The legend of the White Witch in Jamaica is too complicated to be fully told here. Part-times bizarre, at times absolutely shocking, other times brutal, always entertaining. Such words also aptly describe the last course of the Rose Hall Golf Association, and thus it is more than appropriate that they named it the “White Witch!” White Witch Golf Course is not for the faint of heart but it is more than worth the price of admission. Few courses anywhere deliver 18 holes like the ones at White Witch Golf Course in Jamaica, where every single one is a jaw-dropper. But it all fits at White Witch Golf Course…the course goes with the legend, the architect fits the course. The White Witch Golf Course was designed by the caped-crusader of golf architects, Robert Von Hagge. For months upon months he roamed the grounds here in Jamaica, cape perfectly in tow, deviously and devilishly laying out an unforgettable course, one likely to go down as his masterpiece. Golfers understand they are in for something different from the very first hole at White Witch Golf Course, seemingly miles above the distant Carribean Sea which dominates the horizon, a reachable par-5 where the tee shot is launched from high to a distant downhill fairway, only to have the second shot climb nearly all the way back in altitude. You can’t miss it right, you can’t miss it left, and you only have to just heed that advice the entire round if you want to beat the White Witch. The pictures do all the talking here at White Witch Golf Course. How could you possibly come to Jamaica and not challenge the White Witch? If you need any additional inspiration to visit White Witch Golf Course when you’re in Jamaica, or if you need to overcome any lingering hesitation, the “singing caddies” here will steer you around and will even steer your golf cart (this is not one you really want to walk though!), and they will make your day if your golf game doesn’t. Much like the modern course “No. 7” at the Home of Golf in St. Andrews (the Castle Course), you may love the White Witch Golf Course, or perhaps you may not, but you can’t possibly regret playing it and the views will knock your socks off. When you visit Winter’s Home of Golf ™ here in Jamaica on your golf tour make sure you visit the White Witch Golf Course!

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